About Us

Professional Voice Over Recordings

Alcorn Studios is a recording studio based in South Holland, Illinois. Founded in 2007, we have become one of the largest voice over recording companies in the Chicago area, completing over 11,000 voice over messages since 2007. We can supply experienced voice over artists or can mix and master user supplied messages. Other languages routinely completed. Notice the Neumann symbol on the U89 microphone. Quality is a priority.



Mixing and Mastering Your Masterpiece

This pic shows a Les Paul Studio, which has amazing tone. Also we have a highly prized custom Lone Star Stratocastor. Each has it’s place. Alcorn Studios knows the tricks to record, mix and master a hit. Our tools for refining your music include:

  • Experience- Alcorn Studios has years of experience, making music of numerous genres, including Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop, Country, Blue Grass, Polish, and Worship music. We know how to focus your style of music. Please check out the recording examples section.
  • Production- The Alcorn Studios team specializes in sound design, direction, and editing. We’ll work with you to design an album that appeals to mass audiences while staying true to your artistic vision.
  • Consultation- When you’re ready to record, Alcorn Studios will help you do it right. We’ll help select optimal equipment, setup, mixing and mastering options. We’re committed to maximizing quality while balancing costs.

Quality is Priority

Our equipment quality is priority-  I want the best quality and understand the components that have mojo tone. We are very technical, soldering our own equipment when needed to achieve the mojo tone. I am a gear slut. These are actual pictures taken directly from our main studio.

  • Microphones- Top of the line…Vocal is typically Neumann U89, and Lawson L47. For vocals, the Lawson tube sound is really hard to beat. I like to use both on the vocal, and then mix to desired color. For drums typical is: snare=57 (bread an butter), Toms=Audix F10, kick=Shure 52 (big as we like).
  • Pres- I personally soldered the individual electronic components to create numerous Seventh Circle Audio models J99 and N72 (Neve 1272 like) pres. Also have other high quality units, like the JLM Audio TMP-8 (API like) for drums, ISA etc…
  • Compression-Favorite compressors are the Cranesong Trakkers which have the capability to sound like numerous colors of compressor, LA2/LA3/1176/VCA/dark/airy etc…  Also really like the Eden Navigator and the DBX 160X for tracking the bass. For drums the JLM Audio TMP-8 has awesome limiters which provide some really amazing punch.
  • AD/DA Converters- In this picture notice the Cranesong HEDD 192 which also has the capability of adjustable tape saturation, and adjustable odd and even tube harmonics. Notice the Burl B2 Bomber AD converters which are known for having that mojo sound. We also have ISA 428 pres that include the Texas Instrument Burr Brown 4222 high quality converters, with noise performance better than -122dBFS, and an ultra-low-jitter clock. Numerous color choices for AD converters. For output, Benchmark DAC converters for ultra transparency, including a very high end audio and speaker system. Our interpretation is only as good as our translation, so great expense has been invested in the DA, audio and speaker system. This system really rocks with utmost clarity.
  • TC Electronic MD3 6000 Mastering- Thank you to the recording engineer, Bob Katz for suggesting this gem. I have read his books and consider him a mentor. This system is amazing for mastering and used on countless records. The platform has won no less than three of the prestigious TEC Awards over the years. In 2000 for the original System 6000, in 2005 for Mastering 6000 and in 2010 for System 6000 MKII. We take Mastering seriously and use this MD3 system with experience to take your masterpiece to the next level..