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Music in All Genres and for All Interests

Alcorn Studios is committed to appealing to a wide range of fans and musicians, and is willing to work in all genres and with all instruments. We have experience in Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, County, Blue Grass, Polish, Christian Music, and enjoy experimenting with new styles. Our recording, mastering teams are highly flexible, and are trained to promote commercial success without interfering in the creative processes of our artists. As the artist, you know music making best. All we do is provide the tools and expertise to take your talent to the next level.

Note: The following media files may have silence intermittently inserted, on purpose, to protect Artist Content.






Monti’s Czardasz by Abi Lopez and Marianna Band

 This is a live impromptu recording done with Abi Lopez (Violinist) and the Marianna Band (A local Chicago area Polish style band). This recording was completed with the studio supplied 70’s Ludwig drums, Neumann U89 on Abi Lopez (violinist) and the bass was direct into an Avalon VT-737sp. The credit goes to the talent supplied, and they sound amazing! 

Abi Lopez teaches music and has been a Worship Leader at various Churches. Abi Lopez is truly an amazing violinist, artist and a friend. Rick Lopez is an amazing percussionist and friend who helped make improvements to Alcorn Studios. These are friends and talent that permanently mark our lives, who I love very dearly. Please listen!


Jonathon Mantel: Suburbio

 This is a pop style recording. Please listen!


 Seedy Motels


The Next Idle American


House Of Dreams


This Neighborhood


Way Too Much


Audio Murphy


World Of Violence


A Little Closer


Flying Possum in Her Hand

Tammy Hoffman: A Followers Heart

 This is a Christian style. Please listen!

Take Me Away


You Knew Me


Close To You


I Can’t Wait




It Reaches Me


Jesus Come


Into Your Presence


King Of Glory


Hallelujah To The Lamb


Song Of Love


Jonathon Mantel: Wheel Of 84

 This is a Blue Grass style. Please listen!


Sons Of Serenity: High School Band

 This is a Rock and Heavy Metal styles. Demo Album for a High School band. Free. Please listen!

UnDead Man




Fight demo


I Don’t Know


Torn Apart


Breaking Away